SONIZOON External PSSD 64/128/256GB Portable Solid State Flash Drive PC External Solid State FLASH Drives USB3.0 Pen drive



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Compatible plug and play, port USB 3.0 high speed
No physical drives are required
This usb drive; No external power supply required, USB bus power supply
Compatible with all current computer systems
The speed depends on the file type of the record and the configuration of the computer.
Test speed in the 3.0 USB port (H2testw testing)
64GB: write 100MB/S and read 200MB/S
128GB: write 150MB/S and read 200MB/S
256GB: write 150MB/S and read 200MB/S
Excellent flash drive
64GB = about 58.9GB
128GB = about 117GB
256GB = about 235GB
The salesperson USES decimal flash :1mb = 1000KB, 1g = 1000mb
Operating system and binary algorithm :1mb = 1024KB, 1gb = 1024mb;
Therefore, there is a certain difference between display capability and the nominal capability of flash products
To avoid data loss or mechanical damage, do not turn off the computer or unplug the flash drive during transmission.
Don't move the flash card when you use it.
After using the flash drive, it's best to eliminate it as soon as possible. It helps extend your storage life.T
Don't format your USB flash drive, or the USB will break easily.(this is just a reminder)

Velocity test chart

Below will do some actual test diagram of the product for you, the first diagram below is our test computer, if the computer configuration is different, there will be some speed error, so the following data is only for reference. Thank you!!