Mount Fish Tank Wall-Hanging Fish Bowl Decoration Planter Pet Supplies Acrylic Aquarium

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Directions for use: hang it on the wall Size: 15 cm in diameter (depth 7cm, capacity 0.8L) 17 cm in diameter (depth 8cm, capacity 1.1L) 19.5 cm in diameter (depth 9cm, capacity 1.3L) 23 cm in diameter ( depth 11cm, capacity 2.4L) 26 cm in diameter ( depth12.5cm, capacity 3.5L) 29.5 cm in diameter ( depth 14cm, capacity 5L) 32.5 cm in diameter( depth 16cm, capacity 6.5L) 35.5 cm in diameter( depth 17cm, capacity 8.5L) Color: transparency or mirror Product list Wall mounted fish tank *1 + installation accessories *1 set Product features - Acrylic materials have high light transmittance. After adding water and goldfish, when it passes the light illuminate, it can have the effect of bright beauty. - It can also be used to raise flowers or other aquatic plants to beautify your home. Material specification - It is made of high quality acrylic materials. It has a transparency comparable to glass, and its material is stronger than glass.