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Shoe Size


If your shoes show EU sizes, in my shop, you need to buy 1-2 bigger sizes. For example: if your shoes is EU size 42 , then you should buy sizes 43 or 44 in my shop. In order to choose the size more accurately, you can measure the length of your shoe insole. 1. First of all you need to understand: the length of the insole is longger than the length of the feet. 2. Size 35-42, the insole is 0.5-1cm longer than the feet. Size 43-47, the insole is 1-1.5cm longer than the feet. 3. According to the length of the insole,you can know your feet length , and then chooes right size. For example: the length of the insole 27.5cm, you can know the length of the feet is about 26.5cm, then choose size 43.

average male foot size