JINSERTA 2020 Dome Port Waterproof Case for GoPro Hereo 7 Black/White/Silver Diving Lens Cover w/ Pistol Trigger for GoPro 6 5



JINSERTA 30m Waterproof Dome Port for GoPro Hereo 7 Black/White/Silver Diving Lens Cover w/ Pistol Trigger Grip for GoPro Hero 6 5 Camera Accessories


                                                                                             NOT include camera!!!


The semicircular design moves the waterline from the camera lens, making it

possible to capture images both above and below the water simultaneously.

Comes with trigger grip, convenient to trigger the shutter button.


1) Reserved open space for the LCD View Window, convenient to check camera

mode through the high transparent acrylic dome
2) Comes with anti-skid hand grip + trigger, convenient to press shutter

3) Reinforced Plastic Housing,
4) Direct fit, no need to remove cover lens


Material: Acrylic & Plastic
Compatibility: For GoPro HERO5 / HERO 6 7 Edition


(NO retail package)





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