50Pcs DSLR Camera Sensor Cleaning Swabs Kit Digital Camera Lens Cleaner Swab for Nikon Canon Camera




50Pcs Camera Cleaner CCD/CMOS Cleaning Swab Suit Sensor Cleaning Kit DDR-16 for APS-C DSLR Sensor Cleaning

DSRL or SRL Digital Camera APS-C Frame Sensor Cleaning Kit


The cleaning swab has an extremely soft head, no damage to your sensor.
The head cover is made of super fine microfiber cloth which is soft to your sensor and hard to the dirt.
Each swab is packed in a vacuumed package ensure 100% dust free.
Package Includes:
50Pcs Sensor Cleaning Swab

Instruction for Achieving the Best Cleaning Result:
Clean your camera at a bright and clean area.
Set camera to sensor clean mode (make sure your camera's battery is fully charged, otherwise the function is greyed out).
Remove the lens.
Use professional air blower to blast the dust from sensor.
Remove the UES APS-C frame sensor cleaning swab form its vacuumed package and drip 1-2 drops of Cleaning Liquid on the head of the swab.
Gently drag the swab from the left of the sensor to the right. Turn the swap around and drag the clean side from the right of the sensor to the left.
Exit clean mode when cleaning finished. Turn off power and install lens. Keep camera in appropriative camera bag.