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4S shop Car ashtray


Product Name: 4S shop Car ashtray

Product material: high density flame retardant PBT material

Product size: height 95mm * diameter 70mm

Product weight: net weight 60G

Suitable models: all models


The mold is filled with solid materials, external matte texture, low-light matte, heavy hand feeling; professional manufacturers order products, high quality, high-density flame-retardant material; open and close cover sound low, uniform force, steel elastic components; metal core shaft durable The medium-density foam cotton sealing ring does not appear to be in use; the medium-density foamed cotton sealing ring has good sealing performance; the odor is not emitted; the bottom fixed rubber buffer layer has a height of 4 cm, and no abnormal noise or displacement occurs during driving; The smoke-extinguishing structure facilitates the extinguishing of the cigarette butts and removes safety hazards. Suitable for most models and other cup holders larger than 7cm in diameter