Precision Piezo Piezo20 Z-Probe Sensor Z-probe for 3D printers revolutionary auto bed leveling sensor 3D printer accessories

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V2.75 news
The production was officially upgraded on April 30, 2019, and the version is V2.75.
This product is a Z-probe sensor kit using piezo electric bimorphs technology to provide precision auto bed levering on 3D printers.
Of all the other sensing technologies being used in 3D printing we believe this one is the best at present.Nozzle contact is a direct measurement,the nozzle is the 'sharp end of the tool'.Since there are no x and y offsets(and very minimal z-offset) the whole of the printable area of the bed can be probed.It is permanently mounted so no servos to setup,and no issues with repeatability between probings.Any type of tilt in the carriage or effector does not result in probing errors being fed into computations for bed levelling or calibration.
  • It is very precise to 0.01mm accuracy(hotend mount)
  • Very repeatable-standard deviation in testing 0.007mm
  • Can be used with any printing surface including Printbite,PEI,Buildtak,Glass,   Aluminium,FR4.
  • Uses a standard endstop connector
  • Is permanently fixed,no servos,no deploying required
  • Easy to configure in your firmware
  • No X or Y offsets,your nozzle is the tool head,so use the nozzle to probe
  • Replaces inductive probes,IR probes,Capacitative probes,FSR's,servo probes
  • Illuminates on probing OR you can specify a solid colour unit both units have LED's front and back.
  • Full STL's provided,Open Source Hardware.
  • The kit is contains all the electronic components both for hotend piezo and underbed piezo setup.
  • Low cost and easy to use.
Hotend Piezo Sensors setup manual download
STL files for hotend mounting
Underbed Piezo Sensor setup manual download!47337&ithint=file%2cdocx&app=Word&authkey=!AFxO0pq6hsVcDHA



what's in the box (SET 1)
A tunable PCB for connecting the piezo disc/s and providing an endstop-style signal.
Endstop Cables                         1*20CM
Extension Wires                         2*100CM(RED*1 BLACK*1)
Piezo Connectors                       3*20CM
20MM Piezo Discs with punched hole     2pcs
27MM Piezo Discs                                3pcs
35MM Piezo Discs                                3pcs
Heat Shrink Tube                                some
SET 2:SET1 + Screwmount
SET 3:SET1 + Groovemount​​
SET 4:SET1 + Groovemount + Screwmount​​

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Precision Piezo Piezo20 Z-Probe Sensor Z-probe for 3D printers revolutionary auto bed leveling sensor 3D printer accessories

Prix régulier $40.06