French keyboard wireless mouse azerty suitable for game PC player IMAC TV French keyboard mouse wireless game keyboard


Product parameters

Product weight: 739g Keyboard size 368*143*20mm Mouse size 120*65*25mm Product contains 1 keyboard 1 mouse 1 USB receiver (battery not included)


2400 DPI, 5 NIVELES - Cambia fácilmente the sensibilidad del ratón inalámbrico según necesites. 1600 DPI para uso normal, 2000-2400 DPI para gaming o monitores 4K. Tasas refresco's: 125Hz y 250Hz. Adjustable pulsando at vez el botón derecho y rueda durante 3 s.

Scope of application

French layout keyboard Azerty ergonomic wireless keyboard with mute button for office home gamers PC TV Mac and other devices with USB interface. Wireless keyboard and mouse set