Wireless Car Phone Holder charger



15w Qi Wireless Car Phone Holder charger Intelligent Infrared Fast Charger Stand Car Phone Holder for iPhone Huawei Xiaomi


1. 15W wireless fast charging, instant charging, inteligent recognition 2. Overall-metal clip arm, gravity linked locking, safe and stable 3. Qi Certification and authorization of international wireless charging union. 4. One-handed operation, convenient and easy to pick and place

Product Specification


Brand: Joyroom Model: JR-ZS220 Use model: compatible with Qi standard wireless charging model Input: 5V/2A 9V/2A 12V/1.5A Output: 15W (compatible with 5W 7.5W 10W) Charging distance: more than 8mm Input Interface: Type-C Applicable mobile phone size: 4.7-6.5 inch mobile phone Applicable scenario: air outlet / instrument panel

Package Include---Air vent mount Style

1 x Car holder 1 x air outlet clip 1 x cable 1x Manual

Package Include---Dashboard Style

1 x Car holder 1 x Paste clip 1 x cable 1x Manual

Support wireless fast charging models

Wireless fast charge --Automatic gravity locking

Itelligent identification/ one-hand pick and place

New upgrade Strong performance

1.15W high power, faster charging 2.Triangle solid 3.auto recognition 4.One -hand pick and place

Patent certification Safe and reliable

International Wireless Charging Union QI certification

Large coil Charge faster

50%increase in charging speed 15W SUPERCHARGE

Charging Speed Contrast

One-handed use Gravity lock

One-handed use Gravity lock One-time charging, automatic induction will not fall off

Automatically lock the phone Slide to align for faster sensing

Triangle fixation More stable

One-handed operation, automatic induction does not fall off

Automatically lock the phone/Thickened silicone pad

Charging with case Quick and easy

6MM sensing distance charging speed is not affected by mobile phone case

Two styles free choice

Air outlet clip-on type instrument panel paste type

Easy installation Stable clamping

Auto-induction Fast charge For Compatible outlet

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Inventory Last Updated: Jan 19, 2022