V1.5 ELM327 car error code reader bluetooth V1.5 ELM327 For Android phone / computer car scanner ELM327 WARRANTY elm327 scanner






V1.5  super ELM327 car error code reader bluetooth  ELM327 factory Outlet For Android phone car scanner ELM327 WiFi 25k80 chip ELM327 

Support Language:
Attention please:
1. it only works with cars, doesnt support the truck.
2. Bluetooth password : 1234
3. For your vehicle to be OBD II compliant it must have a 16-pin DLC (Data Link Connector) under the dash and the Vehicle Emission Control Information Label must state that the vehicle is OBD II compliant.
Packing list: 
1 X Super MINI ELM327 Bluetooth Diagnostic Interface
If choose box packed type would not with CD, QR code for software download.
There are 3 Colors optional: Blue, White, Black Choose the one you like!

ELM327 Bluetooth  Support All 9 Kinds of OBDII protocols as follows:

SAE J1850 PWM (41.6 kbaud)

SAE J1850 VPW (10.4 kbaud)

ISO 9141-2 (5 baud init, 10.4 kbaud)

ISO 14230-4 KWP (5 baud init, 10.4 kbaud)

ISO 14230-4 KWP (fast init, 10.4 kbaud)

ISO 15765-4 CAN (11 bit ID, 500 kbaud)

ISO 15765-4 CAN (29 bit ID, 500 kbaud)

ISO 15765-4 CAN (11 bit ID, 250 kbaud)

ISO 15765-4 CAN (29 bit ID, 250 kbaud)




ELM327 Specifications: 

Operating voltage: 12V, internal protection from short circuits/overvoltages

Nominal idle current: 45mA

Item Size: 3.2 * 4.7 * 2.3cm

Item Weight: 22g

Package Gross Weight: 35g



ELM327 Functions:

 1.Read diagnostic trouble codes, both generic and manufacturer-specific, and display their meaning  (over 3000 generic code definitions in the database).

 2.Clear trouble codes and turn off the MIL ("Check Engine" light)

 3.Display current sensor data

 4.Engine RPM

 5.Calculated Load Value

 6.Coolant Temperature

 7.Fuel System Status

 8.Vehicle Speed

 9.Short Term Fuel Trim

 10.Long Term Fuel Trim

 11.Intake Manifold Pressure

 12.Timing Advance

 13. Intake Air Temperature

 14.Air Flow 

 15.Absolute Throttle Position

 16.Oxygen sensor voltages/associated short term fuel trims

 17. Fuel System status

 18.Fuel Pressure

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OBD II interface localation:
If TORQUE software can read the adapter, but the adapter can't connect the ECU of car, that proves the adapter work fine  but it doesn't support your car model. We can't refund your purchase or accept dispute in this case. See picture for reference:
Configuring TORQUE
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