Touch Bluetooth Keyboard For Android Windows System Tablet Laptop Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard With Touchpad Keyboard


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!!IOS system Touch mouse function can not be used!!

Before buying, please check to make sure that your tablet PC has a built-in Bluetooth to match the use of the connection, if the tablet device does not have built-in Bluetooth please do not buy

Can be compatible with more than  Android 5.0 Above systems and Windows,, Windows8, Windows10

Wireless Bluetooth keyboard cover ,typing input office, anti earthquake,

Usage method:

【1】; open the Bluetooth keyboard [OFF/ON] open to ON, Power lights up
【2】; at the same time press the keyboard [Fn+C] button, CAPS lights will flicker
【3】; open your device (Tablet) to open the Bluetooth search function, find [Bluetooth 3 keyboard], click on the connection
【4】; enter the verification code [four digits], press [Enter] to connect successfully.
Keyboard shortcut keyboard:
Fn+ space = switch input method
Fn+Ctrl= returns home page key
Fn+Win: close touch
Fn+F11: volume expansion
Universal Bluetooth keyboard for Android and Window tablets.



Charging Time: 2-3 hours(Rechargeable lithium battery -230 mAh

Working Time: Over 7 days.

Bluetooth Version:3.0

Lightweight, compact, easy to carry and handle.

Operate distance up to 10 meters.

Compatible for Android and Windows tablets