Perfume Women Portable Case Solid


Portable Case Solid Perfume Portable Fragrances Women Men Solid Balm Mild Long Lasting Aroma Deodorant Fragrance

It was initially designed for male, but we merged the boundary as we don't want to put tags on male/female.
The ENCOUNTER delivers some heavier, clear scent of tragrance, reminding people of characteristics of safe, strong, reliable, rational..(more to be felt by individually users)

It delivers a more natural scent, which is neither heroic nor over plucked.
What people could feel from it is just something unpolished, and could also be further discovered by its user.

Feminine fragrance
The flower delivers a scent of sweet fruit and pink peony.
People surrounded by its fragrant scent usually feel young, energetic, delightful, cheerful and happy.
It was initially defined as a ""crush creator"", try it and makeyour owndefinition, it never disappoints."


Solid perfume-balm
Convenient, durable and lasting fragrance
Smell and know people. Scent is a choice that can express one's own taste. Liquid perfume is sprayed to others to show their personality and attitude. Solid perfume is more private and smells to close people and themselves.
Solid perfumes mainly use wax and fat as carriers, and are more restrained and gentle than liquid perfumes.
Smear-style-more convenient, longer scent retention.
The fragrance is not diluted, no alcohol volatilizes, and the fragrance stays for about 18 hours.
0 alcohol, 0 pigments-gentle, don't worry about sensitive muscles
Capacity 20ML-large capacity and durable
It is closer to body fragrance and can be applied anywhere you want to be kissed.
ENCOUNTE-Men's Balm; FLOWER-Ms. Balm; TRUE-Neutral Balm

The package contains:
1pc solid balm

The Perfume Women Portable Case Solid is the product you didn't think you need, but once you have it, something you won't want to live without.

Inventory Last Updated: Jan 19, 2022