Mini Infrared Port Remote Control Plug Universal for Mobile

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Mini Infrared Port Remote Control Plug Universal for Mobile Phone Smart Home MU8669

Color: random color(as picture shown)
Size: approx. 5cm
Scope of application: remote control TV, set-top box, air conditioner, electric fan, DVD, amplifier, projector, stereo, SLR, etc.
Special note: Before using this product, please install the remote control software, find the brand model that you want to remote control, some old models, cottage mobile phone, software can not match

Precautions for use:
1. First adjust the volume of the phone to the maximum (press the phone volume plus button).
2. Device Selection > Smart - ZaZa-Other-advanced options are available by default.
3. Open the appliance you want to control.
4. Keep the mobile phone facing the infrared receiving window of the appliance 1-2 meters when matching. (The normal control distance is 3-7 meters. The individual mobile phone has a smaller controllable angle because the earphone audio power is smaller.)
5. Do not select the DIY library when matching the remote control if there is no reselection (if there is a reaction to stop the test signal, if not, sometimes you may have skipped to the next code, so choose to back a code and try it).
6. You can register a user in the home cloud to search directly for the appliance type brand model or remote control model.

Supported Mobile Phone Models:
For iPhone series:
Currently supports for iPhone4,for iPhone4S, for iPhone5,for iPhone5C,for iPhone5s, 6S, 7S;for iPod, system version required above IOS5.1 to 7.1.2
For Samsung series:
Support for Samsung models (for ROOT version can not be guaranteed);For Samsung i9300 (Korean version also support), N7100, N7000, S7568, N7105, N7108, L710, N719;For Samsung i9300, 9100, i9308, i739, i929, i8552, i9152,S7568, 7562, For Samsung i939 GALAXY SIII (Telecom Edition), For Samsung 9158, 2.7.9 version,
For Samsung US version R530U, Geshi 3, For Samsung GALAXYNoteII, For Samsung 9308 mobile custom machine
For HTC series:
New for HTC One (Mobile, Telecom, China Unicom), New for HTC One 802w Unicom Edition,New for HTC One 802t Mobile, New for HTC One 802d Telecom Edition,for HTC 920E, for htc x920e, for HTC Butterfly, for htc g11
For ZTE series:forZTE u956, for ZTE N900
For Huawei series:
For Huawei 8813C, 8813DP, for Huawei c8815, T8951,for Huawei Y511, for Huawei A199,for Huawei g610, for Huawei Mate2
For Motorola series:
For Moto Xoom,for Moto MT788, for moto xt928, for moto x, for moto xt912,for Moto g, for moto I939D, for Motorola XT901, 865
Can not support the model: for HTC T328d; for Lenovo P700, S899T; for Samsung i879, i9000, N719; for Huawei g606, U9508, P6, 3C

Package Includes:
1 x Infared Port

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Mini Infrared Port Remote Control Plug Universal for Mobile

Normaler Preis $5.04