Apple iPhone 6s 6GS iPhone6S


Nohon Battery For Apple iPhone 6s 6GS iPhone6S 2175mAh 2225mAh Built-in Phone Battery Max Capacity Li-polymer Bateria Free Tools

Battery's Specification
  Suitable Model          Standard Capacity     High Capacity    Super Capacity 
  For iPhone 4   1420mAh       
  For iPhone 4s   1430mAh       
  For iPhone 5   1440mAh      1590mAh     
  For iPhone 5s / 5c   1560mAh      1700mAh     
  For iPhone SE   1624mAh      1700mAh - 1800mAh     
  For iPhone 6   1810mAh      2100mAh - 2200mAh      2250mAh - 2350mAh  
  For iPhone 6 Plus   2915mAh      3410mAh - 3480mAh      3550mAh - 3650mAh   
  For iPhone 6s   1715mAh      2175mAh - 2225mAh      2250mAh - 2350mAh   
  For iPhone 6s Plus   2750mAh      3410mAh - 3480mAh      3550mAh - 3650mAh   
  For iPhone 7   1960mAh      2210mAh - 2265mAh     
  For iPhone 7 Plus   2900mAh      3300mAh - 3360mAh     
  For iPhone 8   1821mAh      2110mAh - 2210mAh     
  For iPhone 8 Plus   2691mAh      3330mAh - 3360mAh     
  For iPhone X   2716mAh      2850mAh - 2950mAh     
  For iPhone Xr   2942mAh       
  For iPhone Xs   2658mAh       
  For iPhone Xs Max   3174mAh       



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For-Samsung_05 For-Samsung_06 For-Samsung_07 For-Samsung_08
For-Samsung_09 For-Samsung_10 For-Samsung_11 For-Samsung_12
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Inventory Last Updated: Jan 19, 2022