8Pcs Arthritis Joint Pain Rheumatism Shoulder Patch



Package: 1Bag = 8pcs Pain Relief Plaster


Size:10*7 cm

Shelf Year: 2 years    

Main Ingredients: 
Reticulate millettia, saline cistanche, davallia mariesii, Chain fern, wild celery, safflower, spignet, corydalis and borneol etc.

How to use:     
-1.Clean and dry affected area  
-2.Remove the plastic backing from one side of the patch.  
-3.Smooth that side over the area where you want pain relief.  
-4.As you remove the other half of the plastic backing, smooth the remainder of the patch over the pain area.  
-5.Remove from backing film and apply.  
-6. 8 Hours for each time, 5 times per week for a process.